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~~Profile for Lil' Miss C~~

The gymnast, high above the ground
Limbers up and falls timbers down. Ankles splayed and all tied. The gymnast long has arrived

FULL NAME: Corinne Roya Baker
NICKNAMES: Corie, Rinne. Rinna, but only by Logan.
BIRTHDAY: October 19th, 1991. Sixteen years of age.
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN:Libra. Strengths: Diplomaitic and urbane. Romantic and charming. Easygoing and sociable. Idealistic and peaceable. Weaknesses: Indecisive and changeable. Gullible and easily infuenced. Flirtatious and self-indulgent.
ANCESTRY: Persian (Iranian). Adopted by white Europeans.
CAR: Yellow VW bug convertible, though she totaled it last month. Oops.
PETS: Three hamsters, all named Heather. She knows that someone is solid with her when they learn who is who and telling the three rodents apart: Heather Chandler from Heather Duke from Heather McNamara. That's how she knows that Logan, RJ, Sheila, and Penny are super true blue friends.


HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT:102 pounds, and you should see her thigh muscles. Hot holy hell
BODY TYPE:Muscular and compact, though she's leaner and not squatty like a typical gymnast, since she stopped training brutally hard before she hit puberty. She's the perfect size for the top of the pyramid and to be thrown in the air in cheerleading. And to Trevor's delight, she has larger than average breasts for a girl her size, but she'll be damned if she lets him ogle her. Why does Sheila indulge him? He's so bleh!
SKIN COLOUR:Golden brown
SCARS:Under her chin from a fall off the uneven bars; her elbow from a surgery to repair a break following a fall from the balance beam; a long scar on her foot from stepping on broken glass on a beach in the Florida Keys when she was five.
BIRTH OR BEAUTY MARKS:A birth mark that RJ thinks is shaped like a pineapple, on her left hip
ALLERGIES:Cats, flowers, shellfish


She's The Other One, Sheila's second-in-command. Popular enough to tank Stacey's quest for cheerleader back in eighth, but too much heart to let it stick. A firecracker, first to laugh, first onto the dance floor, first to follow, fun and feisty and firmly sixteen: Corinne Roya Baker just wants to have fun. Is that so bad?

She's not necessarily a judgmental person, though she absolutely believes in the social hierarchy that Sheila and Sabrina maintain on the girls' side of the aisle in their grade at Stoneybrook High. At the top are Sabrina and her cache of the Untouchable Type girls, too cool (Brina), too pretty (Hannah), too rich (Susan), or too angelic (Mary Anne) for mere mortals to socialize with (though Mary Anne needs to get that memo, she's still like an Animal Shelter, taking in everybody as a friend. Then again, Corinne tried to teach Logan the same lesson of popularity, and he sure as shit never got it. Once lame baby-sitters, always lame baby-sitters, she supposes). They share rarified air with the cheerleaders: Sheila on top, the alpha dog, a Hollywood-ordered cheerleader. Below her? Darcy, Penny, Heather, Jacqui. But above them, at Sheila's right hand, is Corinne. And you'd be damned if you didn't know that this is how the tenth grade rolls...and where Corie Baker sits, the most favoured handmaiden to one of the Queens. Fuck that: she's a motherfucking princess. Darcy, now she's a handmaiden.

Not that Corinne is obsessed with popularity: that's Sheila's bag, her motivation is different. Corinne is the enforcer because Corinne is more preoccupied with what belongs to her. It's why she flipped so hard in eighth when her Robert Brewster started dating Stacey McGill, the coolest chick in the baby-sitters clique. Stacey took the object of a year-old crush; next, Stacey was going to be a cheerleader. What next, her best friends? Her spot at the table at Pizza Express? Fuck no: Corinne ordered the hit on McGill. Stacey was a Veronica, and Corinne was a Heather, and nobody was going to take away her croquet ball, damn it, nobody!

Corinne is slightly obsessed with keeping her place because of who she is: an adopted child. She grew up knowing she was adopted; her parents gave her picture books that told her that adopted babies were more special because they were chosen, meaning they were wanted that much more or whatever horseshit. She never doubted for a moment that her parents loved her or ever thought that her life would be different had she been their biological child. Her mom couldn't have kids; she was their miracle. It's that simple. What she does wonder about, though, is her heritage. She's known for a very long time that her parents were both Persian, Iranian immigrants; supposedly, her mother got pregnant in high school, and couldn't have the baby, and thus little Corinne hit the baby market. Who knows if that's true; maybe her mother was a junkie or had an affair. Her parents made a deal that when she was ready, they would help her find her birth mother, but she's not too keen in it. What if that ruins everything? What if she feels a pull to become Muslim or whatever it means to be Iranian? What if her real parents were terrorists or something? She likes her life just the way it is, thank you. She wants it to stay just like this, forever.

And that's having fun! Corinne loves having fun. She's a gymnast, though she was injured so much in middle school that she really only competes for the high school team anymore; she's quite proud to be the best tumbler in the whole school, thank you. So other than gymnastics and school, she's beyond content to take it easy. It's why she and Logan failed: Corinne is a romantic, she falls in love quickly and hard, she loved how he brought her silk flowers (since she's allergic to real ones) and all kinds of stuffed puppies (since she's been collecting them since she was a baby), writing her little notes, coming to her meets when he could. He was the best boyfriend ever, always making her feel special. They did love each other, and not luv, it was real love - he really was her first true love. She learned the difference between how she felt about Robert and Lew and Wayne and Ross and - what it's really like to truly care for someone. They had some really great times together, a lot of fun. But damn, Logan was hard. He always wanted to talk! And share and care and reveal deep dark secrets and have Corinne be his best friend, not his girlfriend. Which is fine? But she doesn't want to date her best friend. She wants her boyfriend to have a lot of fun with, to not ask too much of her, to just be good times and have sex with her, Logan, hello. Logan's the kind of guy that you want to bring home to your parents and marry, you know? But Corinne is in high school, she doesn't want that type of guy now! She just wants to date and fall in love but not be all seeeeerious about it. It's why they fought a lot, it's why they broke up, but it's why they are good friends now: Corinne couldn't be happier for him, being with Mary Anne. She's the right girl for him; they were meant to be, OTP, all that jazz. Just like RJ Blaser was made for her. He's simple, he's uncomplicated, he's dumber than pet rocks, but he kisses her and makes her feel beautiful. He doesn't ask anything more than her than to have fun and be around and kiss him but good. Or it was. RJ got annoying, and what. Like Corinne was supposed to just take it? Come on! Corie don't play that. She was all cranky and bitchy, and seriously, he deserved it. He's still so hot though. Wonder if he misses her?

It would be a mistake to write Corinne off as a flake. She hates sports, she loves dancing and cheering and tumbling! She likes looking cute! She's always dating and claiming that she's in love! When she's actually not at all! But she adores the news; she TiVos Morning Joe and Hardball, she thinks CNN is the nectar of the Gods. Not that she wants to be involved in any of that, beyond the high school paper? But she likes to know what's going on around her. How can you make sure that you keep your place in the world if you aren't informed? It's like maintaining the high school heirarchy; Corinne is just keeping tabs on the world, to make sure that her little corner stays safe. Well...that and to keep an eye on Iran...

Right now, Corinne isn't sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but she'd love to keep dancing, doing gymnastics, doing cheerleading. Those are her favorite things in the world. Does she really have to worry about the future? Why not just concentrate on what we have now: it's called the present for a reason: every day is another damn gift. Live it up.


CHRISTIAN "Chris" BAKER. [49]; Father. Mr. Baker works in marketing for the World Wresting Entertainment corporation over in Stamford. On Take Your Daughter to Work Day, she's met a few wrestlers, though she was incredibly bored by them and was more impressed by her father's fancy desk chair.

NAOMI BAKER NEẺ DURHAM [45]; Mother. Mrs. Baker is an architect in a small firm in New Haven, specializing mostly in residential homes and buildings.

JANE DOE [33]; Biological Mother. All Corinne knows is that she was a teenager, seventeen, is an Iranian immigrant, was allergic to the same things Corinne is - flowers, shellfish, cats. Also Corinne's maternal grandmother died of heart disease when Jane Doe was six.

JOHN DOE [34]; Biological Father. John was eighteen, also Persian and an immigrant, had to use a translator to communicate with the lawyer since he only spoke Farsi, and was farsighted, which Corinne is not.

Personal History;

FIRST KISS: Wayne, during a game of Spin the Bottle in sixth grade.
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IN TOWN: April of sixth grade, when her family moved from Atlanta where her father had been working with WCW Wrestling to Stoneybrook, after the company was bought by WWE.
FIRST SEXUAL ENCOUNTER: Lew Greenberg in eighth grade. They were making out, and then he unzipped his pants and put her hand on his incredibly small penis, and Corinne was both disgusted and intrigued. The disgust won.
Um, hello, it should have been the night of the Spring Fling in ninth, her parents were out of town, she bought new underwear, she lit candles and everything, Logan. What a douche, he gave her some panicked tale of what if he knocked her up at fifteen, but the bottom line was, if she was the right girl, he'd want to do it. Corinne wasn't mean enough to say, If I was Mary Anne, you'd be whipping out a Trojan before I could say 'do me', and really, she'd really like to think it was just because he thought they were too young. They broke up for good a week later, Corinne's virginity intact.

Never fear, RJ's up to the challenge. They started dating in Hawaii, even though Corinne had gone with her sights set on Malik, and even though she had planned on something way more romantic, they ended up having sex in a bathroom of the party room, with RJ sitting on a closed toilet seat as Corinne bounced awkwardly on top of him, really not feeling it at all and actually couldn't believe she was losing her virginity while having sex on a toilet, hello, but when they came out, he was calling her "babe" and "his girlfriend," and kissed her in front of their whole tour group the next day. It's the story that great romances are born from, clearly, bathroom sex. Except they broke up. Oops.

FAVOURITE BOOK: The Kite Runner. Logan read it and said that she'd like it a lot, and it made her both nervous and curious about her culture all at once. Though it's really a great book.
FAVOURITE MUSIC: Top Forty, Rap, really anything that you can make a dance or cheer routine to. Her favorite song at this very second is "Shake It" by Metro Station.
FAVOURITE MOVIE: Heathers and Mean Girls, Bring It On and Stick It!
FAVOURITE FOOD: Cornbread; she had always been a fan, but then Mrs. Bruno made it for her, and she's been in love ever since. God, she could eat a whole pan of that shit. And almond pancakes, holy hot damn, them Southern folks sure do know how to eat. Though Corinne is always on a diet: she's a cheerleader and a gymnast for God's sake! She's in a leotard or in clothing that is only a few steps up from a bikini, are you kidding? Of course she's always dieting. Duh.
FAVOURITE PLACE: Her bedroom. She and her mother painted the walls in dark and mint green checkerboard patterns, and it's so cool and trendy, she could just scream. She loves her room. It's so Rinne!

DISLIKED BOOK: Anything by Mark Twain. Ew.
DISLIKED MUSIC: Country and classical.
DISLIKED COLOUR: Navy blue; it's the color for old people.
DISLIKED FOOD: Vegetables, even though she knows she should love them.
DISLIKED PLACE: Anywhere snowy.
DISLIKED ANIMAL: Cats, they make her sneeze too much.
HOBBIES: Dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, shoe shopping, watching the news, the school newspaper, hanging out, RJ.
PHOBIAS: Public speaking. She can dance in front of thousands, but speak? No way.
LIKES: Attention, romance, pastels, driving fast, roller coasters, being kissed behind her knees, hamsters, stuffed dogs, hula hoops, brand new leotards, the feel of pom poms in her hands, singing along with songs while she is dancing.
DISLIKES: Brattiness, usurpers, social climbers, people who shit talk her friends, how nobody signals when they make left turns, cakey donuts, when White Out gets glunky.

BEST FRIENDS: Sheila most of all. Then Darcy, Heather, Penny, Logan.
FRIENDS: Alex, Wayne, Malik, Lew, Irv, Peter H, Sabrina, Hannah, Susan Taylor, Amanda Martin, Kathleen Lopez.
FRIENIMIES: Susan Taylor, Amanda Martin, Kathleen Lopez, Jacqui, Mia, Andi, Heather, Darcy. As the great movie Heathers once said, "I don't really like my friends. Well, it's just like - they're people I work with, and our job is being popular and shit."
ENEMIES: The Wannabes: Cokie, Grace, Dorianne. Why Sheila and Sabrina won't authorize a hit is beyond her. And Shawna Riverson. She has crabs, ew!
CRUSH: Cam Geary, but doesn't every girl have that crush? Duh.
PAST RELATIONSHIPS: Wayne for two months in seventh; Robert for two weeks in eighth; Lew for three months in eighth; Wayne again for two months; Ross Brown during the summer; Logan from August until May of ninth; Jim Poirier during the summer; Wayne again for month in tenth; a kid on the SDS football team for the rest of the fall; Malik and she flirted for a good solid two months; then RJ for the spring of tenth. And now Lew! Whew.

TURN-ONS: Tall, tall, tall, tall. And athletic. And smelling good while sweaty.
TURN-OFFS: Short, short, short, short. See ya, Austin.


W0RST SUBJECT: English, but not by much.
FAVOURITE PROFESSOR: The cheerleader advisor, which hello, is so important.
BEST YEAR: This one~
GPA: 3.32.
Class rank: Top third.


Popular - Nada Surf
You can go out with whoever you want to
Every boy, every boy, in the whole world could be yours
If you'll just listen to my plan
I'm popular
I'm never last picked
I got a cheerleader chick

Clumsy - Fergie
You know, this isn't the first time this has happened to me
This love sick thing
I like serious relationships and a
A girl like me dont stay single for long
Cuz everytime a boyfriend and I break up
My world is crushed and I'm all alone
The love bug crawls right back up and bites me and I'm back
Can't help it

The girl can't help it (oh baby)

You got me trippin oh, stumbling oh, flippin oh, fumbling oh
Clumsy cuz I'm fallin in love, in love
So in love with you

The Toro Cheerleader Creed - The Bring It On Soundtrack
Who am I? Just guess!
Guys wanna touch my chest!
I'm rockin'! I smile! And many think I'm vile.
I'm flyin', I jump! You can look but don't you hump! Whoo!
I'm major, I roar! I swear I'm not a whore!
We cheer and we lead! We act like we're on speed!
Don't hate ate us cause we're beautiful well we don't like u either!
We're cheerleaders! We are cheerleaders!


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