Rinne Baker (cheercorinne) wrote,
Rinne Baker

Letter to Margie

Dear Margie,

I trust you with what you know. And I hope you trust me, because I meant what I said. Some days, I just kinda feel so far away from all of the entitled people in the class. I work hard to keep myself where I am, to keep The Group in order, to keep the cheerleaders from becoming total slags like the Rally Girls. I work my ass off. I have to the bitch, I have to be the hated one. Of course, sometimes, I have targets of my own, but...isn't it for the greater good? Girls who don't get the rules deserve to be put on blast, Andi. I mean, I told everybody that she was a skank, and she goes and steals Pete Black from his girlfriend, just like I said. (Let's just pretend Pete matters, for the sake of shit, kay?) I'm the gate keeper, the enforcer, I do what nobody else has the stomach to do.

So I get how hard it is to make yourself over to get your life in place. Somehow, I don't think you - well, you're not going to stop thinking about your former fattie self. I can't help you shake that because that's on you. But if you need a friend to cheer you on while you do? I'm here for you, Mar. I'm proud of you for making a change, but I think you've got demons you have to drive off; what, did you lose the physical pounds and replace it with mental weight? Well, whatever. I'm not going to baby-sit you, Margie, to get you to really face your shit, but I'm here now. I'm on your side.

Whether you know it or not, I am.

Your friend,
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